Don’t just share our passion. Help create it.

People at Eden Mill don’t just make products – they craft truly special produce. Every one of our people works to share our passion with the world. Our workplaces are energetic and our people passionate. We strive for excellence. After all, our goal is to create the best gin, whisky, and beer in the world. Do you have what it takes?

At Eden Mill, we employ at two workplaces (on site and corporate) in a variety of disciplines. Compensation is above the market average. Training is mandated, fully-funded, and personally rewarding. Career progression routes are clear and frequently used. Diversity in background is a goal and we work hard to eliminate discrimination.

Where do you see yourself?


Our production division make our products, from birth until it’s in our customer’s glass. Exacting standards? Check. Creative flair? Check. The ability to fit inside a barrel? That’s optional.

We have chemists and biologists who fine-tune our stills. Beer connoisseurs who relentlessly experiment. A logistics team who turn barrels into bottles in the blink of an eye. No matter where you fit in, you create the product. You make it possible to share our passion.


We’re a working brewery and distillery – and a hive of activity. So what better place to share our passion than in the midst of it all? Step up our storytellers, who guide visitors on a journey around our site. And into our mission. We’re the top visitor attraction in Fife, so our guests expect a lot. Some already love what we do. Others are just beginning to.

You’ll tell our story and engage our fans. Sometimes huge groups of them at once. It’s no office job, but nothing here really is. Could you be the face of Eden Mill?


We make beer, whisky, and gin. And people all over the world want it. Our sales team are our ambassadors – our hands to do and our ears to listen. You share our passion from as close by as our local supermarket, to as far afield as Dubai, California, and Japan. It’s not a simple job. Every one of our customers has unique needs. But when you see what you’ve built, through hard work and passion, you’ll know it’s worth it.


It’s what we do together that sets us apart. In operations, you’re a perfectionist. Idealist. Planner. Forever striving to make things better. You’ll work from our office in Glasgow, in a variety of disciplines. Accounts and Finance, Operations, Marketing, Executive Planning, and Personnel all work here. And they all have one mission – to make the best possible beer, whisky, and gin.

You’ll need to respond quickly to emerging demands. We have clients and partners worldwide, so the day’s long. But we reward bright, original thinking and hard work. A job with Eden Mill is demanding. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Pay and fairness

We want to hire the best, so we pay beyond the market average in all roles. We remunerate fairly at every level and we’re upfront about pay changes.


Employment with us is stable. Eden Mill is often a hive of activity, so there can be long days and overtime in use. But you get paid extra or given back the time later to compensate for your extra work. And your basic contract will always be what you need to live on – we don’t use zero-hour or de minimis contracts. We’re an employer for the long-term, as our low staff turnover rate proves.

How we hire

At Eden Mill, we champion our people. We are where we are because of their passion. We take hiring seriously, so when there’s a vacancy we pick three managers at random. They look at every CV and take every hiring decision together. This reduces unconscious bias and raises the bar at hiring. Our hiring process is tough but respectful – we believe you’re interviewing us, as well as vice versa.

Personal development

When you join Eden Mill, you join a team that’s trying to build something genuinely different. We believe in rewarding our people for that not just financially but with qualifications that attest to the industry-leading work they do. We mandate that team members train frequently, we pay their time and costs, and we have any resulting qualifications or certificates issued in their name for them to use later in their career (wherever in the world that takes them).


We advertise all vacancies internally, and almost everyone in our management structure moved into there from team roles. Internal movement (both between teams and into management roles) is common. If a career is what drives you, opportunities lie at Eden Mill.


Current vacancies

To view or apply for our current vacancies, go to our HR portal.

Emailing us

Owing to the volume received, we can’t respond to e-mailed CVs or job enquiries. If you’re job-hunting, please hold off connecting with us until we post a vacancy.

Meet our team

You can e-meet our current team at our contact page – and feel free to email one of them with questions about what it’s like to work in their area of Eden Mill.

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