Imperfect Storm Sweet Milk Stout

Seasonal Beer

4.5% ABV - 330ml

Imperfect Storm Sweet Milk Stout

The Imperfect Storm is appropriately named...! A load of little things went awry when brewing this new beer recipe. However, this storm of irregularities added up to an imperfect milk stout that we are proud of and think tastes amazing. This is a single batch limited edition stout. Serve chilled and savour this amazing taste. We really hope you enjoy our imperfections.

An imperfect storm - with panache

This storm of flavour begins with a full-bodied sweetness. Underlying roasted and raisin flavours then permeate the spicy hop profile balancing the beer. Supplied in 330ml bottles at 4.5% ABV This is a beer to enjoy - not to keep. Store cold, drink fresh and be at one with your imperfections on those warm sunny days ahead. If you prefer, why not consider trying a selection of Eden Mill craft beers in our Craft Beer Gift Pack.


Chocolate and raisins.


Fruity and sweet.


Sweet milky stout.