Hop Gin, Hip Flask & Black Beanie Hat


Hop Gin, Hip Flask & Black Beanie Hat


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Hop Gin, Hip Flask & Black Beanie Hat

Our Hop Gin Black Friday Weekend bundle is an online exclusive and includes an Eden Mill Hip Flask and grey Eden Mill Beanie Hat. An ideal winter warmer for yourself or gift to give this Christmas.

We created our award-winning Hop Gin by marrying our brewing and distilling skills. Hops, a core ingredient of beer, meets our distillery's gin and the result is a zesty citrus and apricot aroma. Strong, at 46% abv, with a thick, heavy, rich finish as a G&T. Because of the balance between floral, coriander and light hoppy notes, a soft tropical fruit follows with an undercurrent of juniper. This leaves smooth, hoppy and fresh apricot notes balanced with a refreshing crisp bitterness. In essence, Hop Gin leaves a 'well rounded' mouthfeel that gently fades with a light hoppy character.

Try pairing Hop Gin with a premium tonic and garnish with chilli.


  • Hop Gin (50cl)
  • Eden Mill Hip Flask (red stainless steel 6oz)
  • Eden Mill Black Beanie Hat