Hip Flask Single Malt Bundle


Hip Flask Single Malt Bundle


Pale Malt Spirit aged in an ex-Islay Whisky refill cask. Filled on 04/02/16.

This Hip Flask release has been created by ageing our Pale Malt Spirit in an ex-Islay Whisky refill cask. This ex-peated cask has been used to showcase the amount of peat flavour the cask itself can contribute to the spirit. This whisky has a dry, almost wood-smoke aroma, along with hints of cereal and hay. The level of peat is mild/moderate, with the emphasis on the woodsmoke bonfire-ember character of the liquid.

Hip Flask No 16 is 47% ABV, 20CL and uniquely presented in an exclusive all-white Hip Flask Series carton.


Peated Malt Spirit aged in a refill Bourbon cask. Filled on 20/07/16.

This Hip Flask release has been matured in a refill Bourbon Cask. This whisky has a pronounced, phenolic peaty aroma. With a rich level of peat, this liquid has a robust earthiness along with a dense, peat-smoke flavour. This is then lightened with spicy oak and sweet vanilla character from the bourbon cask.

Hip Flask No 17 is 47% ABV, 20CL and uniquely presented in an exclusive all-black Hip Flask Series carton.

2019 Release Single Malt 20CL

The 20CL taster bottle of our 2019 Release Single Malt comes beautifully packaged in a presentation box, illustrated with the art piece, titled ' St Andrews' by Hilke MacIntyre.

Hilke is a specialist in linocutting: a traditional and highly skilled craft, derived from woodcutting: the oldest printmaking technique.
Woodcutting has been the inspiration behind all Eden Mill illustrations in our branding, so Hilke’s unique style and process was a perfect fit for our 2019 Release. Her work aligns perfectly with Eden Mill's traditional yet experimental principles.

Eden Mill Head Distiller, Scott Ferguson has incorporated a selection of oloroso hogsheads, pedro ximenez hogsheads, american bourbon barrels, with a cask of chocolate malt spirit and crystal malt spirit to craft our latest Single Malt.