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Hip Flask Series No 1


French Virgin Octave

Hip Flask Series No 1

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Hip Flask Series No 1 - the first release of seven from our single malt scotch whisky range. Only 220 individually numbered bottles make up this pale malt whisky. On the nose, expect a light honey and raisinesque character that is slightly grainy and nutty.

Expect an aromatic character of sweet Cinnamon and light spice flavours, which is balanced off perfectly by a slight citrus juicyness.

The maturation in French Virgin Octaves imparts a pale straw appearance and a rich, spicy character.

Lightly leaves the palate with a rich, full-bodied sweetness which can only be compared to demerara sugar-coated pears.

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How should I drink my Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

We recommend using our Glencairn whisky glass to pour, nose and savour this unique Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 

If you are sharing with friends then our whisky barrel wooden stave ensures you can enjoy the ultimate whisky flight. 


Light honey, raisin, slightly grainy and nutty.


Cinnamon spice, slight citrus juicyness


Demerara sugar coated pears.