Golden Lore Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


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Golden Lore Gin

Tangerine, cranberry, coriander, magnanimity

Tangerine and cranberry: this gin is orange in appearance, and has a very citrus and berry-sweet profile. Zesty and sweet orange notes dominate initially, with a more tart cranberry acting as a balance.

Best served with a blood orange soda or a premium tonic, garnished with an orange twist. Golden Lore is perfect for making a Negroni cocktail, check out our recipe!

40% ABV / 70CL



For this gin, we were inspired by tall tales of a legendary globetrotting saint, famous for his benevolence and gift-giving. As the story goes, St. Nicholas threw gold coins down the chimneys of those in need. His adventurousness and generosity influenced gifting traditions worldwide - you can thank him for the tangerines in Christmas stockings! This gin is a treasure in itself, and is best enjoyed all year round - but it's even better when presents are involved.

Eden Mill invites you to follow in St. Nicholas’ footsteps and consider Golden Lore Gin the perfect gift for your favourite gin lover - all year round.






Both zesty and juicy, with a juicy tangerine aroma blending with a more subdued, tart cranberry.



Upfront very citrus-led, with the sweet orange and a lighter lemon but as the flavours develop the cranberry begins to ground the zest of the citrus.



Both the fruits begin to fade, leaving a light candied fruit flavour on the palate.