Glencairn whisky glass


Glencairn whisky glass

Your favourite dram becomes an even greater pleasure when enjoyed from a Glencairn whisky glass.  Eden Mill's high quality Glencairn whisky glass is etched with the Eden Mill St Andrews logo and complements the range of Eden Mill Whiskies. What more pleasurable way is there to pour, nose and savour the taste of your favourite whisky.  You should have more than one Glencairn whisky glass in your drinks cabinet so that you can share with friends.

Why use a Glencairn?

The shape of the Eden Mill Glencairn whisky glass is derived from the traditional nosing Copitas still used in whisky labs across Scotland and is ideal for enjoying whisky at home. The glass is the perfect size and shape to add ice, water or other mixer to give you your preferred taste. It also adds that extra touch of tradition and finesse to your drinking pleasure. Using a special glass rounds off the whisky tasting experience. Using a special glass for drinking whisky elevates it from something that could be seen as ordinary into something that’s truly special. Honour the whisky and the craftsman who made it. Show respect and go the extra distance by using a Glencairn and enjoy your favourite whisky as the distiller intended.