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Tulip gin glass | Eden Mill Distillery St Andrews

Tulip gin glass



Glencairn whisky glass | Eden Mill Distillery St Andrews

Glencairn whisky glass




Eden Mill Glassware

We all know how important mixers and garnishes are for your gin but not many people realise that a good glass is the cherry on the pie. We have classic Portuguese goblet glasses for our range of gins with plenty of room for ice and fruit - perfect for that summer afternoon in the backyard. If you prefer less mixer in your gin, try one of our tulip glasses – the wide base and rim allow the botanicals in our gin to really shine forth.

With our single malt whisky nearly ready for release we recommend getting your hands on some of our Glencairn whisky snifters. The shape of these glasses concentrates aroma and flavour for a truly all-encompassing tasting experience.

Making beer was our first great love and we celebrate this by serving all our beers in our tall-format pint and half-pint glasses, all decorated with our iconic distillery imagery.

Whichever glass you choose, you can enjoy your Eden Mill gin, beer or whisky in style from the comfort of your own home.