Misappropriating the Eden Mill brand

We want to alert our customers and suppliers about an ongoing danger of fraud.

On several occasions, emails posing as Eden Mill were sent to our customers. To the unobservant, these emails can appear to be from an Eden Mill employee. The emails can mention real current or former employees.

The scam invites you to visit a link to make payment on your account. At the link, you may be invited to make a card payment. This can:

  • download a virus to your device
  • steal your card details
  • charge a needless payment to you

What to watch for:

  • Emails not sent from an address ending edenmill [dot] com
  • The sender's name being a full email address
  • Asking you to click a link to make payment; trade customers can only pay via bank transfer
  • Oddly phrased or timed messages
  • Non-official signatures or unbranded messages
  • Lack of official footers and disclaimers
  • No mention of your account code, balance, or references

If you're suspicious of an email:

Don't reply to the message. Do not click any links.

Forward the message to the Eden Mill legal team (their address on the domain is legal). Then flag the message as spam or delete it.

What we're doing:

Our team are working with Action Fraud to monitor fraudulent activity. When you forward us suspicious messages, after confirming our team didn't send them we'll report it.

Our advice:

Social engineering and the misappropriation of reputable or well-known companies is becoming a serious problem for European companies. You should ensure your staff are trained in how to spot suspicious or dangerous messages and odd phone calls.

However, Eden Mill has not done anything to increase the probability of these scams being attempted against you. We cannot accept liability for losses suffered. You may also find that if you suffer a financial loss because of fraudulent payments, your bank refuses to reimburse you.