Forbidden Gin


Forbidden Gin

Apple, quince, pear, coriander, subversion

Super juicy, sweet and very refreshing! This gin is very fruity and almost clean on the nose, with fresh apple, pear and quince notes. Remains more juicy than overly sweet throughout, with a good balance between the fresh green fruit and light juniper.

Best served with apple juice and a dash of soda or with a premium tonic, garnished with apple slices. Why not try creating our Apple & Raspberry Cooler cocktail recipe! 

40% ABV / 70CL



Inspired by the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, Forbidden Gin’s story invokes the mystery, long debated by biblical historians, of the fruit that Eve plucked: was it an apple, or a quince?

At first glance, this illustration appears to be a simple burst of foliage, but with a closer look, and keen eyes, the mystery comes to life, with a skull to emphasise danger, the persuasive serpent twined around the branches and the hands, which emerge through the leaves to offer you this most forbidden of fruits…