Exclusive Celtic Gin Bundle


Exclusive Celtic Gin Bundle

The Eden Mill x Celtic Football Club Gin bundle includes some of the very best of our collaborative releases to date:

The Eden Mill x Celtic Football Club Gin Bundle includes:

Celtic Gin Liqueur:

Celtic Gin Liqueur is made with the zest and flesh of four citrus fruits: lemon, lime, orange and white grapefruit. The liqueur has a robust citrus flavour profile, pulling from the grapefruit, lending it a zesty, almost-tart character. The sweetness from the orange works underneath to build the complexity, and the lime and lemon round off the liqueur with a combination of refreshing zesty sweetness.


Celtic Quadruple Treble Gin:

The Quadruple Treble Gin is the final gin of the treble series and has been created to celebrate the historic achievement of Celtic Football Club winning four back-to-back domestic trebles in seasons 16/17, 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20.

This gin is made from twelve botanicals, each one representing the trophies won in the past four seasons. Some of the botanicals include dried sloe berries, raspberry leaf, holy thistle, heather, and rhubarb root; which delivers mild earthy notes ending with citrus notes of orange & lemon.


9 Gins of Celtic:

9 Gins of Celtic is a mix of our old gins from previous years and new creations. This gives Celtic fans the chance to taste the previous releases without opening the bottles, and to sample more of the products.

- Invincibles Gin: 42% 5CL
- Double Treble Gin: 42% 5CL
- 8-In-A-Row Gin: 43% ABV 5CL
- Treble Treble Gin: 42% ABV 5CL
- Celtic Gin Liqueur: 20% ABV 5CL
- Lenny’s Liqueur: 20%ABV 5CL
- Celtic FC Foundation Gin: 45% ABV 5CL
- 9 in a Row Gin: 47% ABV 5CL
- Broony’s Blend: 42% ABV 5CL