Elderflower & Citrus Gin



Elderflower & Citrus Gin

Our new summer seasonal, Elderflower and Citrus Gin, was first released as part of our ‘Twelve Gins of Christmas’ gift set in 2018.

We're delighted to now release this flavoured gin in our new, sustainable lightweight glass bottle. This new bottle has a radiant green tint as a nod to the citrus notes of the liquid. It was designed and created within the UK with sustainability at its core.  Created in the UK, it has a low initial carbon footprint for the bottle, it is also easy to recycle and uses 18% less glass than an industry-standard glass bottle - so there is actually less waste to begin with!

Serve our Elderflower and Citrus Gin over ice with a premium tonic and squeeze of lime!

Suitable For VEGANS.


Initially very zesty, with sweet, candied lemon to the front and an underlying, floral elderflower. 


Leads with a light, peppery spice on the palate, along with a juicy lemon-lime fruitiness. Aromatic elderflower develops toward the end as the citrus begins to fade.


The sweet citrus notes fade to leave the light peppery notes along with hints of lemongrass and elderflower. Reminiscent of a sherbet lemon.