Elderflower & Citrus Gin, Seasonal 50CL


50CL / 42% ABV


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Elderflower & Citrus Gin, Seasonal 50CL

Enjoy a refreshing taste of summer with our new seasonal gin, Elderflower & Citrus Gin.

Serve our Elderflower and Citrus Gin with a premium tonic, ice and a squeeze of lime! This gin is also delightful paired with Sparkling Elderflower. 

Elderflower & Citrus Mojito

For a refreshing summer drink, try this simple Elderflower & Citrus Gin cocktail. You'll need:

  • 50ml Elderflower & Citrus Gin
  • 25ml sugar syrup
  • 6 x lime wedges
  • Splash of soda water 
  • Handful of fresh mint leaves

Simply, muddle the gin, lime wedges, sugar syrup and mint together. Fill your glass with ice and stir together. Finally, top with soda and enjoy!.

Suitable For VEGANS.

50CL / 40% ABV


Initially very zesty, with sweet, candied lemon to the front and an underlying, floral elderflower. 


Leads with a light, peppery spice on the palate, along with a juicy lemon-lime fruitiness. Aromatic elderflower develops toward the end as the citrus begins to fade.


The sweet citrus notes fade to leave the light peppery notes along with hints of lemongrass and elderflower. Reminiscent of a sherbet lemon.