The Eden Mill Story

The Eden Mill Story and Mission

The Eden Mill story started with a mission to revive the lost art of distilling and brewing in St Andrews.  As Scotland’s first single-site distillery and brewery, making gin, whisky and beer, Eden Mill spirit is created by our distillers in copper pot-stills and exhibits a wide range of flavours from botanicals sourced from the local area, as well as from around the world.

As creators of craft gin, whisky and beers, our team of distillers have the opportunity to marry the best practices from all these disciplines. Our team is challenged with applying modern techniques and understanding to time honoured traditional methods. An appreciation of the intricacies of barrel aging and quality wood is one benefit we enjoy from this special status. We apply this in order to develop truly innovative creations, such as our bourbon-aged Oak Gin.

Sharing our passion is not a glib marketing slogan for our team. It is simply what we love doing. We hope you can join in and enjoy the journey with us. Be part of the birth and evolution of something really special.

Scotland’s Gin

The Eden Mill story couldn’t be complete without the mention of our Gin and the contribution it has made to the growth of the company and the Eden Mill brand.

Scotland is at the heart of a global gin movement. A big part of the Eden Mill story is the fact that we have created the perfect storm to harness the creativity required to make gin. Our customer base has grown at a tremendous rate for which we are grateful. This is a reflection of our fantastic distilling talent originating from the deeply rooted understanding of whisky, a cultural drive and desire to innovate, and plentiful sources of interesting and unique ingredients. Our team of master distillers create new recipes from the vast source of botanicals around us.

Gin fans come from far and wide to take part in the regular gin distillery tours. Our guides enthrall our visitors with the history and a shared enthusiasm for what Eden Mill are doing. During our tours, we are proud to share the way we make our products. Traditional processes which require equal parts of passion and patience.

The inspiration our distillers use to create recipes will appeal to our customers. These tours exhibit the best of certain styles or flavours and continue to influence the Eden Mill story of development in distilling and brewing.

Eden Mill Whisky

The Eden Mill story encompasses the uncompromising approach we take in making our whisky.

With the history of distilling on our site, the heritage and reputation of St Andrews and the industry experience of our founder we are on a mission to create the ultimate small batch Single malt whisky ranges for discerning drinkers to enjoy.

Here’s what makes the difference:

1. Our distillers are all fully qualified in their silence as well as practised in their art. Eden Mill employs six fully qualified distillers and two trainee distillers. This is without doubt the highest number of distillers per litre of whisky of any distillery in Scotland

2. For barley we use a very high percentage of golden promise barley. Although famous for its use in the Macallan single malt, it is grown locally to our distillery. It is more expensive than many other pale malted barleys but it produces a really great spirit and we are small enough not to be governed by penny pinching remote accountants

3. Our distilling process is lengthy with fermentation lasting near to 4 days. We also select our cut manually which gives the distillers scope to make decisions based on taste and experience rather than machines optimising yield

4. Our cask and wood selection policy is rigorous. We only use first fill and Virgin oak casks for over 95% of our whisky maturation. Many of these are also smaller sizes and thus enhanced and faster maturation can take effect without any compromise to quality

What sets us apart

There are many other areas where we believe we are raising the bar in standards.  We hope you can come and visit us at the distillery to see this first hand on the whisky tour.

From our unique distillery and brewery based on a single site just a couple of miles west of the famous home of golf at St Andrews, our culture is deep-rooted in a glorious distilling and brewing history.

We revived distilling at this iconic location from where the Haig family made spirits and beer during the 19th century.

Innovative new wood is used to mature our whisky. For our discerning customers and those just interested in how we do what we do, we offer a genuine choice of exciting new whisky expressions from new make spirit. We make just 100,000 litres per year, ensuring 100% focus goes onto every single drop.

The Eden Mill story continues with the recently launched Art of the Blend whisky range. This comes after patiently waiting for new spirit to mature in specially selected casks. Launched on St Andrews day 2016, the first bottles became ready for sale in January 2017. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Haig family and many other greats who have carved their name on the town’s illustrious history, Paul Miller and a team of three began alcohol production from the old derelict site in 2012 and the Art of the Blend whisky launch is a proud moment for all involved.

The St Andrews Link

St Andrews is the renowned home of golf, and the arts of brewing and distilling were once integral to the town. Based on the site of a historic distillery on the banks of the River Eden, Eden Mill were the first to make spirits in the region for 150 years. Few distilleries are as fortunate as us. We have the paradise of the Eden Estuary on the doorstep, and we source botanicals from the local fields, forests and coasts to represent the best of Scotland. In 2015, we launched our Golf Gin in homage to this.

Our goal is to further the spirit and provenance of St Andrews, and with this in mind, we invite you to share our passion.

Original Gin

Our take on a classic London Dry, with a St Andrews interpretation. We set out to exhibit the flavour of Sea Buckthorn Berries, a super food which grows locally. The unique tart berry flavour of the is abundant. The gin is balanced around this, with citrus elements drawn from other botanicals. Our customers love this gin.

Love Gin

A spirit to exhibit our love of gin, created with botanicals sourced all around the world. After many iterations the finished gin is at the forefront of contemporary Scottish gin. With a complex flavour profile, exhibiting five core botanicals of Rose Petals, Marshmallow root, goji berries and whole hibiscus flowers, the result is light, yet complex. The flavour has sweet, floral and fruity elements, but is overall fairly soft. Even more of our customers love this gin.

Oak Gin

Sweet vanilla and oak, indicative of a short period of aging are paired with the light juniper of the gin. A short aging period is enough to create straw-like colour and oak elements in the flavour, however our goal with this gin is to not lose sight of the botanical elements. Cask elements are noticeable, however they do not overlap the flavour of the gin.

Hop Gin

With our knowledge of brewing, came the creation of a Hop Gin. Our distilling team set about creating a gin that was rich in flavour, and also unique in mouth feel. The spirit is more viscous than most, which makes a fascinating challenge for bartenders to work

Quote Paul Miller – Founder

Why did you want to start a distillery in St Andrews?

“St Andrews has always been known as the historic home of golf. A few years ago I learned about the lost brewing and distilling history to the region. In the 19th  century, over 150 breweries and distilleries were registered. I wanted to revitalise this history and founded Eden Mill. We quickly learned why this region had once been so prolific, with a bountiful source of ingredients which allowed for innovation.”

Quote Daniel Sherry – International Sales Manager

Gin has become a global phenomenon, why do you think this is?

“The gin and tonic has become a staple drink around the world, with a huge number of fans. This is a learning journey. People are discovering the huge range of flavours that can be created with gin. Bartenders around the world are forever seeking new ways to challenge themselves, and gin is the next step for many of them. It is a fantastically dynamic spirit, able to be used across a huge number of cocktails, as well as exhibiting a wide variety of flavours and textures.