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Double Treble Gin

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Double Treble Gin

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As Official Gin partners of Celtic Football Club, we have partnered with the Club to create a special and commemorative Gin for you to enjoy.

The craftsmen of Eden Mill developed this spirit in commemoration of a historic achievement. 

Triple distilling the popular Invincibles recipe achieves a gin of exceptional smoothness. Doubling the volume of botanicals enhances the pleasant citrus and sweet notes. The 16 botanicals represent the nationalities of the players involved in the historic Double Treble. We hope this special gin extends the pleasure of a memorable season. 

Eden Mill Double Treble Gin is best served in our Tulip Gin Glass and enjoyed with orange peel and a Light Tonic.

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Citrus fruit on the nose, with lemon, grapefruit and orange, along with a gentle, aromatic spice and a juniper-pine note.


Juicy citrus and spicy pepper fade into a sweet, earthy character building with soft, floral notes alongside.


The finish is refreshing, pulling together the sweet fruit and light peppery spice, leaving the palate with a gentle sweetness.