Merry Christmas from all of us here at Eden Mill.

Eden Mill Christmas 2017

*Please note the Christmas delivery cut-off period has now passed*

Family and friends often make a special effort to reunite and catch-up over the Christmas period. What better way to celebrate than with some of the nation's favourite tipples? We've worked tirelessly throughout the year to create the very best brewed and distilled treats and it would make our Christmas see them being shared by loved ones everywhere.

Whether it be over a beer whilst cuddled up watching Christmas movies, a whisky over Christmas dinner, a liqueur with the seasonal fruit cake, or a gin whilst wrapping up your presents, we've got it covered. 

#TimeForSharing celebrates the love shared between families and friends at Christmas time.

Original Gin


Eden Mill take on the classic London Dry: balancing gin, citrus and berry flavours perfectly. How will you enjoy yours?


Golf Gin Gift Set

Special Edition bottle

The Golf Gin Gift Set comes with a 50cl bottle of golf gin and two Tulip gin glasses. Our customers love the quality, presentation, and contents of these premium gift sets.


Gin Crackers (6 pack)


6 pack of Eden Mill crackers containing 6x 10cl gin miniatures. Flavours include Candy Cane Gin, Love Gin and Original Gin.


Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin Liqueur

Gin Liqueur

Introducing our brand new Gin Liqueur from Eden Mill, Strawberry & Black Pepper. A warming spirit with a strong taste of gin coming through.


Hop Gin Gift Set


Hops, a core ingredient of beer, meet our distillery’s gin and the result is a zesty citrus and apricot aroma. Strong, at 46% abv, with a thick, heavy, rich finish when served as a Gin & Tonic.


Oak Gin


Eden Mill married their skill of brewing and distilling to produce Oak Gin. A rich oak spice gin with notes of caramel and vanilla.