Chocolate & Chilli Gin 50CL Martini Glass Gift Set


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Chocolate & Chilli Gin 50CL Martini Glass Gift Set


Our limited edition Chocolate & Chilli Gin, is a sweet chocolate-pudding like flavour, with a fiery chilli kick.

This beautiful presentation box contains 1 x Chocolate & Chilli Gin 50cl and 2 x premium martini glasses.

Why not create our spicy Chocolate Espresso Martini:
You'll need: 
  • 50ml Chocolate & Chilli Gin 
  • 25ml Sugar Syrup
  • Espresso or 75ml instant coffee/chocolate powder mix
Pour your gin, sugar syrup and coffee/chocolate mix into your shaker.
Shake over ice and strain into your Eden Mill martini glass. Garnish with a slice of chilli or grated chocolate
40% ABV / 50cl. Suitable for vegans.


An initial light juniper aroma followed by drinking chocolate-esk notes with an underlying chilli scent and a hint of vanilla at the end.


A light resinous juniper before a sweet, chocolate pudding-like flavour on the palate. Then a fiery chilli spice character kicks in.


Lingering chilli heat with a light vanilla chocolate sauce finish.