Celtic Gin Liqueur 50CL - Collaboration with Celtic Football Club

Limited Edition

50CL / 20% ABV


Celtic Gin Liqueur 50CL - Collaboration with Celtic Football Club

Made in collaboration with Celtic Football Club, the Celtic Gin Liqueur is an exciting medley of citrus flavours and is based with our award-winning Original Gin. 
As the official gin of Celtic Football Club, Eden Mill gin is available at Celtic Park and we have worked closely with the Celtic Park hospitality team to create an exciting gin menu for the stadium. The Celtic Gin Liqueur will be the latest addition to this lineup, and we're delighted to offer everyone part of the hospitality experience to take home.
Celtic Gin Liqueur is made with the zest and flesh of four citrus fruits: lemon, lime, orange and white grapefruit. The liqueur has a robust citrus flavour profile, pulling from the grapefruit, lending it a zesty, almost-tart character. The sweetness from the orange works underneath to build the complexity, and the lime and lemon round off the liqueur with a combination of refreshing zesty sweetness.
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Best served with sparkling elderflower and a twist of orange peel.  
50CL / 20% ABV


Sweet, with lemon and lime at the fore, over a hint of juniper.


Zesty, with juicy lime and a lemon-sherbet sweetness. Sweetness begins to lessen, with a light grapefruit bitterness towards the end.



The candied sweetness fades gently, allowing the drier citrus notes from the gin to come through. Finishes with a light, sweet mouthfeel and candied lemon zest.