Candy Cane Christmas Gin

70CL - 40% ABV


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Candy Cane Christmas Gin

Think Candy Cane in gin form - red, delicious, with a candied, cool peppermint twist.

Recognising the delightful taste that is enjoyed by all over the festive season, our distillers crafted a Christmas inspired gin that is sweet on the palate leading to a warmer, rich minty character with hints of light berry fruits. Using peppermint for flavour, and bilberry and hibiscus for colour, our distillers have taken the art of gin to one universal symbol of Christmas Gin.

Since launching last year, our Candy Cane Christmas Gin has become a festive gin essential and the talk of the party! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a Candy Cane (Gin) or two! 

Enjoy served with cranberry juice and brambles to garnish. Best served from a Tulip Gin Glass.


Because of its eye-catching look and sensational taste, Candy Cane Christmas Gin is perfect for Christmas parties, social gatherings or festive drinks with loved ones throughout the season. For an extra indulgent treat, why not add a measure to your Hot Chocolate for a festive minty treat.

Suitable For VEGANS.





Light juniper and citrus notes, alongside a candied, cool peppermint.


Sweet on the palate, with a subtle juniper resin leading to a warmer, rich, minty character with hints of light, berry fruits.


Zesty and peppery, leaves the palate with a refreshing, minty freshness.