Off The Vine | Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin

This delicious cocktail couldn’t be simpler to make. Place all the ingredients in your shaker then shake until cold so you can pour into your favourite couple glass. There’s sweetness from the grenadine, a citrus flavour from the lime juice and a light and foamy texture from the egg white. 


35ml Eden Mill Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin 

25ml Crème de Pêche 

20ml Grenadine 

25ml lime juice 

Egg white 


Place all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake well until the outside of the shaker is cold. 

Strain into a couple glass. 

Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin
Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin
Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin plain background

Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin

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Our Red Wine Cask Aged Gin is perfect for anyone who, like me, enjoys an aromatic gin flavour. Lightly sweet red-berry notes marry beautifully with a hint of vanilla and cassia spice. It’s delicious served with premium tonic and a piece of stone fruit, such as a cherry. This gin also has a naturally deep, rich colour.”  



Nose: Light red-berry fruit aromas, with light spice and juniper.

Taste: Hints of raspberry and cassia.

Finish: Light sweet vanilla and oaky character on the finish.

42.5% ABV / 70CL