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Summer is over, the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder which means  autumn is well and truly here. But worry not, just because summer is over it doesn’t mean the Gin season is over too. Jam-packed with flavour and perfect for a cosy nights in, these flavoured gins from Eden Mill are your gateway to a whole new world of gin drinking.

Cask Aged Gins

Cask gins are a speciality flavoured gin that has been steeped in casks in order to deliver a spirit with a further depth of flavour and colour. The flavour profiles of cask aged gins will vary depending on the wine or spirit matured in the cask and wood type. Our cask aged gins have been  steeped in wine-seasoned casks which adds a new layer of flavour complexity to our Original Gin and deliver a delicious gin perfect for the autumnal season.  

If you are looking to warm yourself up this autumn, you could create a gin based  ‘Hot Toddy’ by serving one of our cask aged gins with some hot water. You could also add some lemon, honey and cinnamon if you are looking to create the perfect autumnal warm casked aged gin cocktail to serve to friends or enjoy cuddled up at home.

Spiced Gins

Spiced flavoured gins are another wonderful gin of choice this autumn. There are so many options of spiced gins out there all bringing their own unique flavour profiles to the table.  Often infused with hearty and warming spices such as chilli, rhubarb and ginger, spiced gins are an excellent way to warm your soul as the colder season draws in this autumn.

We have several tempting spiced gins on offer at Eden Mill from within our premium gin, limited edition and gin liqueur collections including Spiced Rhubarb & Vanilla Seasonal Gin, Rosa Rosa Gin and Spiced Rhubarb Crumble Liqueur.

You can enjoy spiced gin this autumn by combining it with ginger ale in order to make a truly warming cocktail. 

Eden Mill Rosa Rosa Gin - the perfect autumnal spiced gin - displayed in glass bottle and glass

Floral and Fruit Gins

If you find yourself longing for the spring and summer months to return, you don’t need to wait until next year. Our premium gin range contains a stunning selection of floral and fruit flavoured gins, that are all perfect for bringing back the memories of sunnier times during the colder autumnal months. 

Each and every floral and fruit gin offers an entirely unique and stunning flavour profile to be enjoyed whenever and wherever you are. The drinking options with summery floral or fruit flavoured gins are endless. Whatever floral or fruit gin you decide you want to try this autumn, we can guarantee that you can’t go wrong by mixing it with some tonic water which really allows the flavours of these gins to sing and take you back to sunnier times!

Eden Mill Foraging Gin - perfect for reminiscing on summer - shown in glass bottle and glass with fruits alongside

So there we have it. Our Eden Mill flavoured gins of choice for a delicious autumn season of drinking. Whether you’re already a fan of gin or not, we hope we’ve helped introduce you to some new flavour options for this autumn and opened you up to a world of alternative tastes for you to delve into.

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