Golf Gin – A Taste Of St. Andrews

Join us for the next chapter of our iconic Golf Gin.

Originally created in 2018 using key botanicals such as seaweed, heather, lavender and pine, we are so proud to be releasing our customer-favourite Golf Gin for the first time in a new sustainable bespoke glass bottle as part of our Heritage Gin Range.

This botanically rich spirit incorporates ingredients that can be spotted around local grassland and coastal golf courses in Scotland. Inspired by the ocean view of St. Andrews Links, we created a seaweed base, with fresh pine to transport us to windswept fairways, and quintessentially Scottish heather adding a floral undertone!


This botanically rich spirit incorporates ingredients that can be spotted around local grassland and coastal golf courses in Scotland. Inspired by the ocean view of St. Andrews Links – which can be seen, if you look closely, in the illustration – we created this gin using a seaweed base, with fresh pine and quintessentially Scottish heather.

Ella’s stunning illustration for this bottle invites you to find references to St. Andrews lore from the town’s celebrated Golf history. Did you know that local legend has it that it was actually sheep that led to the bunkers on golf courses? They dug out holes on St. Andrews Links to protect themselves from the harsh wind sweeping in from the sea – inadvertently leading to a staple of any golf course around the world.

We invite you to have a close look at the illustration on this bottle and see what local legends you can unearth. Our Golf Gin illustration also includes a room key with the number 269 engraved… Did you know World-renowned golfer Tiger Woods will only stay in room 269 at The Old Course Hotel when he stays in St Andrews? The reason being that 269 was the number of strokes it took him to win his first Open Championship in St Andrews back in 2000.

With so many little details to this illustration, we invite you to discover what other legends can be found in our Golf Gin story.



Hints of Juniper Pine in a forest of lavender and spruce trees. There is a slight tang of the sea that underlies it.


The juniper dominates as it should but there is a sweetness from the gorse to it that makes sure it isn’t overpowering. The heather and lavender add a floral note while the spruce and coriander provide a distinct peppery finish.


A distinct peppery finish

Perfect serve

Eden Mill recommend serving Golf Gin with a premium tonic and a blackberry and mint garnish!

Heritage & Premium Range: Discover The Perfect Serve

We are proud to present our new look Heritage and Premium gin ranges, introducing sustainable bespoke glass bottles and 9 new flavours. Discover the story behind your favourite gin and join Eden Mill in the next chapter as we move towards a greener future!

See below the perfect serve for each of our new gin collection, including garnishes, and have the perfect gin night in! Share your serve and don’t forget to tag @edenmill on socials for your chance to be featured.


Serve with a premium tonic, garnished with a grapefruit wedge.


Serve with a premium tonic, garnished with a mint sprig and bramble.


Serve with a premium tonic or rose lemonade, garnished with a handful of raspberries.


Serve with a premium tonic or tropical soda, garnished with a half passion fruit.


Serve with a premium tonic or raspberry lemonade, garnished with a handful of raspberries and strawberry slices.


Serve with a premium tonic or apple juice and a dash of soda, garnished with an apple wedge.


Serve with a premium tonic or blood orange soda, garnished with an orange wedge.


Serve with a premium tonic or Dandelion and Burdock, garnished with a lemon wedge.


Serve with a premium tonic or Mediterranean tonic, garnished with a lemon peel.


Best served with a premium tonic or tomato juice, garnished with a celery stick or wedge of lime.


Best served with a premium tonic or rose soda, garnished with dried rose petals.


Best served with a premium tonic or ginger ale, garnished with a lime wheel.

Love Gin Liqueurs: Jug Serve Recipe

Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueur Jug Serves are perfect for enjoying with loved ones this Summer. Fun, fruity and easy to make, why not try yours today.

Drumstick Sangria

200ml Raspberry, Vanilla and Meringue Liqueur

200ml Cranberry Juice

300ml Prosecco

200ml Lemonade

Fruit Salad Sangria

200ml Mango and Pineapple Liqueur

300ml White Wine

400ml Lemonade

Aruba Rhuba

200ml Original Gin

100ml Spiced Rhubarb Liqueur

150ml Sugar Syrup

150ml Lemon Juice

200ml Cranberry Juice

200ml Soda

Cask Aged Gins Join Distiller’s Choice

Eden Mill extend new super-premium Distiller’s Choice collection with the addition of two unique cask-aged expressions.

Red Wine Cask-Aged Gin’ and ‘White Wine Cask-Aged Gin’ are limited edition liquids,
developed and hand crafted by Eden Mill’s expert senior distilling team, Scott Ferguson and
Andrew Walker. The gins join Oak Old Tom Gin in the collection of standout contemporary
expressions, which launched in early 2021 winning Silver at the London Spirit Awards in April of
this year.

The Distiller’s Choice Collection takes Eden Mill back to their craft roots celebrating the best of
historic and modern distilling techniques in small batches; the series has been created for gin
connoisseurs around the world to enjoy a rich and luxurious taste of St Andrews.
Each bottle in the collection has been handpicked by the lead distilling team based on their own
personal flavour preferences and interests. Head Distiller Scott Ferguson has chosen a series of
citrus forward, fruity gins, while Senior Distiller Andrew Walker’s curated gins include savoury
and spicy flavour profiles.

The Red and White Wine Cask-Aged Gins both started out as Eden Mill Original Gin and were
then aged in two different casks, imparting unique flavours in both gins due to the individual
ageing process of each cask. Ultimately the cask-ageing process has created two completely
inimitable and one-of-a-kind liquids.

Eden Mill head distiller Scott Ferguson said:
“As Scotland’s first single-site brewery and distillery, we’ve been marrying techniques and
experimenting with new flavours since day one. We first brought our fascination for oak from
producing whisky together with gin when we created Eden Mill’s Oak Gin in 2015. By
experimenting with cask-ageing and also adding oak chips, we found a beautiful way of giving
gin a boost of flavour at speed.’

Scott continued: “With the Red and White Wine Cask Aged expressions, the gins were only
extracted from their cask at the point we were confident the perfect flavour, colour and wine
character had been added to the gin without extracting too many overpowering flavours from the
wood of the cask itself.’

Scott’s White Wine Cask-Aged Gin compliments his preference for citrusy, fruity gins, and
botanicals: “Ageing this gin for 15 months in a White Burgundy Wine Cask has given it fresh
tropical peach and apricot flavours, the perfect flavour compliment to citrus-forward gin.”

Senior Distiller, Andrew enjoys experimenting with unique flavour profiles in gin including
savoury, tart and spicy. Andrew chose the Amarone Red Wine Cask due to its full-bodied and
rich nature combined with its underlying spice profiles.

He said: “Spice is more often a flavour associated with red wine, these flavours can be imparted
into the wine from the barrel. I wanted to explore how these underlying spice notes which are
usually associated with red wine and red wine casks would affect the flavour profile when
ageing gin in these casks. The gin was aged for 500 days and nights, creating a beautifully
aromatic and fruity spiced gin”.

Earth Day 2021


We want to lead the way for sustainability within the drinks industry in Scotland, and are doing this by innovating in every area of our business.

By constantly adapting, we are working towards a greener business model and more sustainable future for distilleries in Scotland.


Sustainability is extremely important at Eden Mill. With Scotland’s aim of reducing emissions by 75% by 2030, we believe it is important that all industries contribute to achieving this figure.

A report on mindful drinking uncovered that one third of shoppers try to buy products that are environmentally friendly, this confirms that consumers are definitely concerned with how their product choices are affecting the environment.

Here at Eden Mill, we try our best to responsibly source our ingredients from as many local venues as we can.

One example of this is our no alcohol range, Eden Nil, where all of the ingredients have been sourced locally from the secret herb garden in Edinburgh.


We always want to ensure that we are doing what we can to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

It is important that we always use biodegradable cups when we are offering samples and tastings. Also, our aluminium bottles for our mixology range are easily recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A main step we have taken to ensure that Eden Mill and our customers have as little impact on the environment as possible, is by launching a new glass bottle. 

We have moved towards this to ensure we are working towards a greener future. This new glass bottle will make it easier for venues to recycle our gin bottles when they are empty.


These bespoke bottles have been exclusively designed for Eden Mill and produced in the UK, resulting in a low carbon footprint. They are easy to recycle and use 18% less glass than an industry-standard glass bottle – so there is actually less glass to begin with!  


Passionate about craft and our future, by Spring 2022 Eden Mill will open Scotland’s first carbon-neutral single malt whisky distillery in St Andrews, in time for the 150th anniversary of The Open Championships.

The state-of-the-art distillery will be located within the University of St. Andrews’ Eden Campus; power and heat for the stills will be supplied by the University’s biomass plant and solar panels on the distillery’s roof.

This aligns with our want to decrease our carbon footprint as much as possible.


As our packaging is easily recycled, all we ask is that our customers please recycle bottles and boxes in the correct manner.

Or why not up-cycle old bottles in to something new! Tag us in your creations @edenmill for a chance to be featured. 

Photo credit: IG @orget_me_knot_home

Find out more about Eden Mill St. Andrews at to keep up-to-date on all the latest news!

London Spirits Awards results are in…

Here at Team Eden Mill, we were so pleased this morning with the results of the London Competitions awards being announced and being awarded four medals for various gin releases!

Less than two months after it’s release, we are extremely proud of the first expression of our ultra-premium, Distiller’s Choice Collection, Oak Old Tom Gin, winning it’s first award! A true recognition of all of the hard work and dedication our expert distilling team have poured into this collection!

Eden Mill won Silver Awards for:
• Oak Old Tom Gin, the first release in our ultra-premium Distiller’s Choice Collection.

• Original Gin, our classic London Dry style gin.

• Love Gin, Eden Mill’s famous pink gin.

We were also so pleased to win a bronze award for our wonderfully exotic, Passion Fruit & Coconut Gin!

SILVER AWARD – Original Gin



BRONZE AWARD – Passion Fruit & Coconut

Passion Fruit & Coconut Spritz

Easy exotic serves, perfect for sharing

Full of exotic flavour, with refreshing coconut accented by notes of apricot sweetness and the lasting, tropical bitterness of passion fruit.


  • 50ml Passion Fruit & Coconut Gin
  • 150ml Pineapple Juice 
  • 25ml Sugar Syrup
  • Topped up with prosecco
  • Pineapple chunk/half passion fruit to garnish


Layer all ingredients over ice in a goblet glass.

Garnish with a pineapple chunk or half passion fruit!

Passion Fruit & Coconut Crush

Jug Serve Recipe


  • 250ML Passion Fruit & Coconut Gin
  • 150ML Passion Fruit Puree
  • 500ML Pineapple Juice
  • 100ML Sugar Syrup
  • 50ML Lemon Juice
  • 100ML Sugar Syrup
  • Passion Fruit & Pineapple chunks to garnish.


Layer all ingredients over ice in a large serving jug.

Garnish with pineapple chunks and half passion fruits!

Oak Old Tom Gin | Distiller’s Choice

Oak OldTom Gin: Release No.1

Oak Old Tom gin is the first limited edition release from Eden Mill’s exclusive new ultra-premium gin collection, Distiller’s Choice.

Personally curated and hand-crafted by Eden Mill’s expert senior distilling team, Distiller’s Choice is a collection of contemporary gin expressions which combine special techniques with premium botanical profiles.

Discover each gin’s unique story from the Eden Mill distiller who crafted the recipe with patience and love. 

Oak Old Tom Gin

A lightly spiced, creamy gin, Oak Old Tom Gin has been chosen by Eden Mill’s Head Distiller, Scott Ferguson. The first release of the collection combines Scott’s passion for classic gin distilling practices with his unrivalled experience building your favourite Eden Mill flavour profiles since 2012, when he was the third person to join the Eden Mill team!

Scott has always found the distilling method and history of Old Tom Gin fascinating, he explains:

“One of the lightly sweetened gins that was popular in the 18th-century, Old Tom Gin has been rumoured to have got its name from what was essentially the first ever vending machine for drinks.

During the gin craze in the 1700s, the government tried to stem the flow of gin, which they blamed for ‘extreme drunkenness’ and crime by introducing prohibitive taxes. So to get round the licensing, some pubs would have a wooden plaque shaped like a black cat, “Old Tom” on their outside wall. Thirsty bypassers would place a penny in the cat’s mouth and place their lips around a small tube between the cat’s paws. The bartender inside would then pour a shot of gin through the tube and into the customer’s mouth.”

Inspired by one his favourite flavour creations from the core Eden Mill range, Scott used the same American Oak chips from Eden Mill’s Oak Gin to age this Old Tom Gin to create a balance of creamy oak and vanilla sweetness combined with the aromatic cassia spice and a light peppery finish.

Taste Notes:

Nose: Warming and sweet with light candied citrus and cassia spice, along with berry-fruit richness.

Palate: Starts spicy with aromatic cassia and cloves up front over a juicy elderberry sweetness and a creamy oaky vanilla. Stays full-bodied, with a resinous juniper backbone.

Finish: Lingering sweetness with a light pepperiness and hints of oak spice and vanilla.

Perfect Serve

Serve with premium tonic and a slide of lime.

Cocktail Serve

Try our Oak Old Tom gin in a perfect martini cocktail for the perfect twist on a classic cocktail.

Order you bottle of Old Oak Tom Gin here:

Coming soon – be the first to know…

Eden Mill are very excited to take our audience back to our craft roots with our brand new ultra-premium Distiller’s Choice collection.

Personally curated and hand-crafted by our expert distilling team, Distiller’s Choice is a collection of contemporary gin expressions which embrace the best of old and new distilling techniques to create a range of gins specially for gin connoisseurs across the globe to enjoy a taste of St. Andrews.

Eden Mill has always been at the forefront of trends within the spirits industry and we pride ourselves on our pioneering spirit and desire to go beyond the conventional. We are so excited to share with you what we have been working on with our brand new Distiller’s Choice collection.


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2021, a time for love (GIN)

Eden Mill released our ever-popular Love Gin back in 2014 as a Valentines special but you all ‘loved’ it so much we just had to make it part of our core range. Eden Mill Love Gin is proud to be one of Scotland’s first pink-gins ever released and also won a bronze prize at the 2020 London Spirits Competition!

Made with botanicals such as rose petals, hibiscus, goji berries and raspberry leaf this gin has the perfect balance of sweet and floral notes. It’s no wonder that this pink gin is our best seller. 
Enjoy this with rose lemonade or elderflower tonic and garnish with raspberries. 
Same pink gin, just a little greener. In 2020, Eden Mill moved our beloved Love Gin to our new bespoke sustainable glass bottles. These easily recyclable glass bottles use 18% less glass than an industry-standard glass bottle and have been created and made in the UK for a low carbon footprint from the outset.

Enjoy the lastest news, events, and exclusive product offers.

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