Create Your Own Gin with Your Mum – Mother’s Day Gift

Have you exhausted your Mother’s favourite gins already? Why not help her make her own this Mother’s Day?

Here at Eden Mill BLENDWORKS we help you create your own gin from a diverse library of ingredients. With a gin & tonic in hand, you will be taken on a journey through gin’s turbulent past, the popularity at present and finish with a glance at Eden Mill’s own history.

The education doesn’t stop there! Under our tutor’s watchful eye, you will quickly move on to discover how to taste a spirit and put your skills to the test in a blind tasting. Using these techniques, you will be given free reign over our plethora of single ingredient spirits to curate a recipe for your very own (and certainly unique) gin.  

Once satisfied with your creation you will leave with three 20cl bottles and two BLENDWORKS glasses in presentation box alongside a notebook, pencil and plenty of gin along the way. Maybe one of those three bottles might make it back to the – soon to be – favourite child!

With all that’s going on inside the room it would be easy to forget the view. BLENDWORKS overlooks the 18th hole at the Old Course and is the perfect vantage point to enjoy the winter sunset over the Sands.

Forget Mother’s ruin, BLENDWORKS is an ideal gift this Mother’s Day.

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