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Springfest 2017

Springfest 2017 at Tempest Brewing Co.  

Springfest 2017

It’s April in Edinburgh and spring has officially sprung. There are daffodils along the canal, lambs on the Pentlands, blue skies above the castle and Springfest is coming to Tempest Brewing.

Tempest brew and bottle their stellar range of beers in the picturesque region of The Scottish Borders. Since their move in 2015 they’ve hosted one of the Borders’ best-attended events: last year’s Oktoberfest saw bands and vendors the likes of The Medicine Hat, The Violet Kind, The Grind Newcastle and The Big Blu. This year they’ve decided to celebrate all things spring and we at Eden Mill were quick to throw our hat into the ring.

The collaboration of Gin and Food at Springfest 2017

The Eden Mill distillery absolutely knows how to make great gin; but for Springfest what we really wanted to explore was the art of collaboration. We’ve teamed up with three other companies to bring Springfest the best boozy cakes, coffee and ice cream known to man. I’ve had the terrible job of trying the experiments.

I love to bake but even my best almost-risen souffle can’t compete with the creations coming out of Tasty Buns Bakery on Bread Street. Owner and baker, Louise, started making her self-classified “boozy bakes” for fun and quickly realised she had a booming business on her hands, opening her doors last year.

Tasty buns cakes with Eden Mill Gin

Peanut butter and Oak Gin

Some of her more unusual pairings have included bourbon and bacon millionaire shortbread and goat’s milk and vanilla bean caramels. She’s made some delicious peanut butter and Eden Mill Oak Gin cookies in the past, but for Springfest she’s keeping her cards close to her chest. However, the words Golf Gin are on everyone’s lips.

Gin and the Coffee culture…

In 2012 Dave Law and Tom Hyde opened Brew Lab, a one-of-a-kind coffee house in Edinburgh’s city centre, based on the third wave of coffee culture coming out of London, New York and Portland. Their research into coffee has led to some state-of-the-art caffeine treats and their presence at Springfest is a no-brainer. I met with Dave, armed with a bottle of Eden Mill Oak Gin, and we had a chat about the presence of booze in our beverages.

After years of making Espresso Martinis in bars, I matched Brew Lab’s fantastic Cold Brew with our Oak Gin and a splash of sweet, nutty liqueur. Something similar will be pleasing coffee and gin lovers alike at Springfest!

Brew Lab Coffee with Eden Mill | Gin distillery St Andrews

Love Gin Sorbet

On a blazing spring day I drove deep into The Borders to visit Lucy at Over Langshaw Farm and Ice Creamery. I asked how she got started with ice cream and over mugs of coffee she told me that her dairy was producing so much milk, she started wondering if there wasn’t something else she could do with it. One industrial ice cream machine later she was making the delights anyone who’s been to her police-box-stall on the Grassmarket has come to know and love.

She’s even supplying to some of Edinburgh’s best restaurants; you’ll find her smoked jalapeno or pea and mint ice cream on the menu at threebirds in Bruntsfield, and Bodega on Elm Row have served her pink peppercorn and heather honey ice cream after a healthy dose of tacos.

For Springfest 2017, we discussed the possibility of an Eden Mill Love Gin Sorbet. Lucy promised she would do some thorough taste tests.

Ice cream with Eden Mill Gin | Gin distillery St Andrews

Springfest – Where and When

Springfest 2017 will be on the 29th of April at the Tempest Brewing Company in Tweedbank. For more information and tickets go to:

Lara S. Williams

10th April 2017



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