Valentine’s Day – The Birth of Love Gin

Valentine’s Day: a time to show your loved one how much they truly mean to you. A day filled with love and appreciation; flowers and chocolates; affection and embrace. However, here at Eden Mill, it is a time of reflection. For us, Valentine’s Day is the celebration that Love Gin was inspired by.

It began life as a seasonal gin for Valentine’s Day in 2015. We had no idea the phenomenon we had on our hands. Because of its unusual combination of botanicals, its pale pink colour and unique bottle, we were unsure of how our creation would be perceived. Luckily, the incredibly unique flavours of our Love Gin stood their own ground and the popularity of this product with our customers was one we could have never have predicted.

Pink Love Gin

Love Gin has sweet and floral aromas as well as an indicting pale pink colour. All this come from the wide variety of botanical’s we use. In addition to the base gin ingredients, Love Gin incorporates eight exotic botanicals including red rose petals, marshmallow root, goji berries and whole hibiscus flowers. The romantically themed ingredients were at the core of our design to achieve a Gin that epitomised this sentimental occasion.

Two years on we are still continuously overwhelmed at how popular Love Gin has become whether on Valentine’s Day or not. It has outsold our other Gins three to one cementing its position in our core offering.

A Global Following

Love Gin has gained a global following from its humble origins in St. Andrews. We were amazed when it was graciously accepted by Glasgow and Edinburgh’s bartending scene. It has broken into the London Cocktail Scene, appeared in bottle shops across the USA and even has its own mural in Soho, Hong Kong.

So as you can see, for us Valentine’s Day is a celebration of Love in more ways than one. Join us and raise a glass to this spectacular Gin as we continue to share our passion.

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