A Day Crafting at Eden Mill

Distilling & Crafting

Today we distilled 500 Litres of Original Gin and brewed 1600 litres of Shipwreck IPA. One by one we bottled 400 bottles of our new Golf Gin and 550 bottles of Seggie Chilli Ginger Porter beer. We applied 600 labels… mostly to the gin bottles, (sometimes to each other), and stacked numerous tons of them to pallets bound for the United States. We repaired a handful of whisky casks and then proceeded to play a giant game of Tetris to get them fitting nicely in the cold store.

We accidently soaked ourselves; twice with water and once in beer. We took thousands of precise measurements and temperature readings, and then took a bit of a punt as to how much fresh red pepper would give chilli gin a warming red hue.

We tasted a lot

We tasted the trickling gin running from the condenser; we tasted sweet malty wort from the brew; the hop infusion for a new batch of hop gin; the difference between juniper berries before and after distillation; the progress of each beer in the fermentation tanks; we tasted a year old experiment of Belgian style sour beer in old bourbon casks; and we also tasted a selection of the Head Distillers collection of weird and wonderful teas.

We listened and admired

We listened out for the hisses and creaks of the steam pipes and the reversing warning of the tireless fork lift. We also listened to ACDC, Nina Simone and Muse. We created a Blue Peter-esque system to measure the water in a giant black storage tank using PVC piping, two bottles, fishing line, a fishing rod, and 20 minutes of heated debate, small scale mock up and belly aching laughter.

We admired our resident Oystercatcher as he chirped greetings to the multinational tour groups from atop his slate perch on the old Mill warehouse. We had an impromptu round of Firkin curling and discussed why it deserved to become an Olympic sport. We washed everything down, locked the doors and went home. And tomorrow? Tomorrow we do it all again.

This is what crafting is like at Eden Mill…

We are brewers and distillers of craft beer, gin and whisky.

The word “craft” is becoming an ever more popular buzzword in today’s marketing jargon. It is a word that can be all too easy to dismiss or glaze over. It has no legal definition in our industry. But we are craft. We are craft distillers and brewers because we are experts in our field. We are craft because we are hands on with our products from conception to consumption. We are craft because one minute we are sommeliers tasting everything in our midst, and the next we are mad scientists creating timesaving crazy contraptions. We are craft because sometimes it’s about exact measurements and sometimes it’s about intuition and a good feeling.

Our products are craft because we do not cut corners when it comes to flavour. They are craft because they are made with care, passion and laughter. We are craft because we love what we do… and think you will too, why not come and visit?

Jasper Daly
Eden Mill St Andrews

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