Blendworks Gin School Glasgow.

Introducing Blendworks Gin School, Glasgow

Opening in Princes Square, Autumn 2018.

We are excited to be expanding our gin making experience by opening in Princes Square, Glasgow.

Blendworks is Eden Mill’s unique Gin School and the home of experimentation and education. Join us and let our experienced Blendworks tutors take you on a “spiritual” journey, from gins rich and colourful past to its place at the forefront of the craft spirit industry.

Create Your Own Gin at Blendworks

Learn all about your own pallet as we explore different aromas and flavours and guide you in creating your own unique gin recipe. Create a classic gin using traditional citrus peels or classic spices, or create something out of the ordinary with our wide selection of weird and wonderful botanicals. Let our tutors show you how to create the “perfect serve” with your chosen recipe and even hand fill, seal and label your bottles with bespoke labels. What will you create in Blendworks Gin School - the home of “GIN”spiration.


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