Many people know Eden Mill for our award-winning range of gins but in 2012 we started life as a brewery. Located in the very same spot that once housed the legendary Seggie Distillery, founded by the Haig Brothers in 1810, Eden Mill enjoys access to fresh water from the Eden Estuary and a close partnership with local farmers and producers.

We know how important it is to source the best Scottish barley and ingredients which is why our craft beer and IPA range have such an appreciative audience. 

As Scotland's original single-site brewery and distillery, we're proud to maintain the high-quality brewing history of St Andrews. We celebrate innovation and tradition, embrace local and international techniques and are dedicated to offering the very best Scottish craft beers to the world.

Eden River Brew Co, our bottling and packaging site in Penrith, produce their own brand premium craft beers. We are now delighted to offer this fantastic range of beer available to buy directly from our website.