Art of the Blend whisky Batch 4

Ex-Port European Oak Casks


Art of the Blend whisky Batch 4

We at Eden Mill are thrilled to announce the release of our newest blended whisky expression, Art of the Blend Batch 4. With only 1,100 bottles available, this limited edition is individually numbered for a truly unique purchase. All of our blends are specially crafted by our team of distillers and combine the very best of tradition and innovation.

Batch 4 has been matured in ex-port European oak casks and at 51% is incredibly medium/full-bodied and sweet on the nose, with cherry bakewell, Victoria sponge, red berries and toasted oak in abundance. The dessert flavours follow through on the palate with explosions of maraschino cherries, jam sponge and a beautiful hint of dark wood. The port cask maturation is most noticeable on the finish – candied berries and a touch of red wine heat. The cask imparts a gorgeous pink tinge to the spirit and the result is a gorgeous looking whisky that can be drunk neat, on ice or added to your favourite whisky-based cocktail.

We have worked hard to produce the ultimate range of small batch blended whisky expressions. The Art Of The Blend Batch 1 and Art Of The Blend Batch 2 are available through our website or in our distillery store. 

We are proud of each one and know you will love them from the very first sip.


Light fruit and soft woodiness, hint of heat. Strawberry Fondant/Cherry Bakewell/Victoria Spongesweet, Strawberry/Red Berry flavour, with Gentle Toasted Oak alongside.


Jam Sponge with a Maraschino Cherry and Sweet Dessert flavours. Freshly sawed Cherrywood dominates with more delicate sweet notes, evocative of a Strawberry Jam Victoria Sponge.  



The Cherrywood character continues, with a sweet, candied berry-led notes that extends through to a light finish with hints of wine-influence and heat.