Art of the Blend whisky Batch 1

First Fill Bourbon Barrel

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Art of the Blend whisky Batch 1

Art of the Blend whisky Batch 1.  Only 2,400 bottles of this Scotch blended whisky have been produced, bottled and made ready for sale by Eden Mill. You can now buy your own individually numbered bottle of Batch 1 whisky here. This blended whisky has been specially crafted by our team of distillers to be full of taste and influence and yet still retain a uniqueness - because we know you appreciate it. The maturation in first-fill Bourbon barrels imparts a sweet, vanilla character to the spirit, along with a delicate oakiness. With a pale straw colour, this whisky is soft with a gentle candied sweetness and gentle hint of toasted oak underneath. Smoothly leaves the palate with a light, sweet oak and vanilla finish. Perfect for drinking neat or in a cocktail of your choice. We love it - we know you will too!

We have worked to produce the ultimate range of small batch blended whisky expressions. To give you an extra taste sensation, we finished The Art of the Blend - Batch 1 in virgin American Oak octaves and first fill ex-bourbon barrels. Art of the Blend whisky - Batch 2 is also available and is well worth considering for a differently finished craft whisky. The latest addition to our family is Art of the Blend whisky - Batch 4 which is now available.


Light, straw colour


Delicate, sweet vanilla, light oak influence


Lightly candied, smooth, sweet dry finish.