2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky


46.5% ABV





This beautiful limited edition presentation whisky box, adored with the work of this year's collaborating artist Mairi Clark, contains a 70cl bottle of our limited-edition St Andrews Single Malt Whisky created especially for this release. You can expect this Eden Mill whisky to be sweet and subtly spicy on the nose, and its palate delivers vanilla and sherry notes alongside an earthy nuttiness with toasted barley. You might also get a subtle taste of black peppercorn and a floral lavender touch. The finish is rich and creamy - our Head Distiller describes it as spiced apple pie! We recommend you enjoy our limited edition single malt St Andrews whisky neat, with a few drops of water or on the rocks.



Patience, passion and the pursuit of perfection: these have been hallmarks of our first ten years of whisky distilling on the banks of the Eden Estuary by St Andrews. They’re also key ingredients for our Head Whisky Distiller, whose fascination with the ancient town we call home finds its way into every drop of our new, limited-edition single malt whisky series: The Art of St Andrews Whisky Collection.

St Andrews is a place that is both rugged and beautiful, serene and stormy, future-facing but rooted in Scotland’s history. Our master craftsmen have been endlessly inspired to create, by the spirit landscape and flavours of this iconic coastal town. In celebration of our Eden Mill story so far and recognising that the skill, vision, knowledge and patience required to produce whisky makes it a true art form; we are commissioning local artists to produce similarly-inspired, hand-crafted artworks, to be released annually alongside our limited edition whisky on St Andrews Day.

For 2022, Mairi Clark has created a richly textured and vividly colourful oil painting of the dramatic St Andrews coast — incorporating a subtle depiction of our upcoming whisky distillery, as a bright point on the horizon ahead. Mairi’s artwork perfectly echoes the marriage of flavours in this year’s limited edition St Andrews whisky expression: which is a sweet yet subtly spicy whisky, that brings a rush of sherry and apple notes underpinned by a toasty, buttery nuttiness and zesty bitters.

The Art of St Andrews Whisky from Eden Mill is a curation of craft and creativity. Add it to your collection.



There’s no doubt Scott and his team are bona fide artists, working with a huge array of materials and possibilities to create something special with each whisky expression. For the 2022 Edition of our Art of St Andrews Collection, our whisky distillers thought about Eden Mill’s journey so far, where we’re headed, and crucially where we are and always will be: St Andrews.

“For this release, I selected a series of casks that we feel are representative of the spirit that we’ve produced, as well as the style of whisky that we are aiming to produce going forward. The Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks chosen were full of characteristic, robust and deep flavours that really show what these casks contribute to the overall whisky. These cask types are key for developing our style of whisky from the new distillery so this whisky was created as a sort of bridge between our old distillery and our future one.”

We’ll release a new, carefully considered and crafted limited edition whisky expression each year on St Andrew’s Day — 30 November — giving you your own ready-made art and St Andrews whisky collection.



When we approached Fife-based artist Mairi Clark, we knew she could produce powerful, expressive landscape pieces and she already knew our home town as well as we do. We shared our story so far, the challenges and our excitement for the future, and Mairi let that seep into her canvas.

“I wanted to capture the unique energy of St Andrews’ rugged coastline and mark the progress of Eden Mill’s new distillery. I worked very closely with Tangent and the Eden Mill team, having long discussions about mood, tone and sense of place. Working in oils provided versatility. I could explore texture, varying stroke techniques and colliding palettes to capture the drama of the landscape, which is beautiful and harsh in equal measure.

Working with award-winning Glasgow-based creative agency Tangent, each year we’ll select a new artist across a variety of mediums to collaborate with for our St Andrews Whisky Releases.