12x Roasted Martini | Mixology Project | Eden Mill St Andrews


12x Roasted Martini case

Ice bucket& bar blade included

8% ABV - 250ML

12x Roasted Martini case

Cocktails for Summer 

Enjoy Summer with your favourite Eden Mill Mixology Project cocktails, now available in a special promotion which includes 12x Roasted Martini cocktails, Ice Bucket & Bar Blade. 

Fusing the rich, roasted flavour of coffee beans and vanilla pods with our Oak Gin, we have created a warming, bittersweet taste. The perfect sipping cocktail. 

What's included in 12x pack?

Mixologists Serve

Serve in a large cocktail Goblet with ice, garnish with blackberries.

Also available in Basil Smash, Citrus Fizz & Berry Bramble.