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12 Gins of Eden

Boxed Gift Set

12 gin minitures

12 Gins of Eden

*No longer in stock. For 12 Gins of Christmas, click here.

The 12 Gins of Eden; a stunning boxed gift set comprising of 12 unique miniature gins and two Tulip gin glasses. A thoughtful present to give a friend or loved one to help celebrate any event.

What's In The Box?

Our '12 Gins of Eden' gift box contains

  • 12 unique and superbly crafted gin miniatures (5cl in each bottle)
  • 2 Eden Mill crystal etched tulip gin glasses
  • The Eden Mill storybook so you can read the story behind each gin

As a Craft Gin distillery, the production quality, variety and distinct flavours of Eden Mill gin can be savoured and enjoyed by the beginner and connoisseur alike so what better way to sample this range of Gin recipe flavours.

Beautifully packaged, this ready-made gift needs no more than to be given with love.

Gift For A Gin Lover

During 2017, our distillers experimented to develop and add some amazing new recipe flavours. Here's a list of the gins that were available:

  • The classic gins you expect: Original, Love Gin, Oak, Hop & Golf Gin 2016
  • The new additions: Botano gin, Rai gin, Mulled gin, Slackwater gin, After Dinner gin, Orange & Clove gin & Juniper Trio gin, 

It's a thoughtful present to give your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or grandparents. Because of the wonderful gin varieties, they are ideal to give as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or on other special days such as Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Father's day, Easter and even as retirement gifts.

These boxed sets also make fabulously attractive and special corporate gifts.  If you’re thinking about an alternative to the 12 Gins of Eden, or an additional gift set with different specific choices of gin, consider giving one of our Boxed Gin Gift Sets.