12 Gins Of Christmas

12 Gins Of Christmas  | Eden Mill Distillery St Andrews

12 Gins Of Christmas



12 Gins Of Christmas


A new chapter… The future is clear! 

As part of Eden Mill’s Twelve Gins of Christmas new look, we have included our new, bespoke, miniature glass bottles! 

Created as part of Eden Mill’s commitment to a sustainable future, our brand-new, crystal-cut miniature glass bottles use 18% less glass than the industry standard - so there is less waste to begin with! 

Also, designed and created in the UK, our brand-new miniature bottles have a low carbon footprint from their beginning and are also fully recyclable!



As with many companies, we have been facing challenges in sourcing materials for our much loved gift boxes. We have had a high number of requests for our 12 Gins of Christmas to return this year and so we’ve been working hard to ensure we can have this on offer again this year. 

While the quality of the box remains the same, we have revamped the look with some changes and additions to the design of our box. Each box contains 12 of our bespoke 5cl bottles with a mix of our new Heritage and Premium Gin range, allowing you to find your new favourite gin!

For guaranteed delivery in plenty of time for Christmas, secure your 12 Gins gift set now.