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12 Gins of Christmas

boxed gift set

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12 Gins of Christmas


12 Gins Of Christmas a luxury boxed gift set comprising 7 brand new, distinctive, and delicious gin additions that complement the 5 core gins included in the set.

Each of the 5cl gins is uniquely handcrafted and your gin gift box is completed with a pair of tulip-shaped gin glasses. You can be sure of having pride handing it over to your loved one or best friend on Christmas Day.

Crafted by hand at our distillery in St Andrews, we've covered every flavour profile from fruity to floral and spicy to sweet! The parcel is a true gin lover’s dream, with lots of flavours and choices to enjoy during the twelve days of Christmas.

You’ll not be disappointed. Each 5cl bottle will delight, tingle, and tantalise your taste buds. There’s even a storybook explaining the history of each gin and offering some great serving suggestions.

Everything at Eden Mill is made with pride and this gift set is the fruit of a year's exhaustive experimentation by our St Andrews distillery team delivering something quite unique and extra special for you to give as a Christmas present this year.

What's in the gift set? (2018 edition)

Each gin is contained within a 2 layer presentation box.

  • No 1 - Candy Cane Gin [40%] - Candied, cool peppermint with hints of light, berry fruits and a zesty, peppery finish.
  • No 2 - Caraway & Black Pepper Gin [42%] - Lavender, mint & liquorice aromas with an earthy spice of black pepper.
  • No 3 - Elderflower & Lemon Gin [45%] - Fresh meadow elderflower and refreshing sweet citrus notes. 
  • No 4 - Chilli & Ginger Snap Gin [42%] - An infusion of Hot chilli peppers & zesty root ginger. 
  • No 5 - Plum & Pink Grapefruit Gin [46%] - Sweet plum notes balanced by the citrus tartness of the pink grapefruit.
  • No 6 - Blueberry & Vanilla Gin [41%] - Sweet caramelised blueberry on the nose with a hint of Madagascan vanilla. 
  • No 7 - Love Gin Liqueur [20%] 
  • No 8 - Baked Apple Cinnamon & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur [20%] - [Eden Mill] - Sweet, candied apple with toffee/caramel notes and a cinnamon warmth.
  • No 9 - Lavender Gin Liqueur [20%] -  Sweet lavender flavour with gentle lemon notes. 
  • No 10 - Spiced Rhubarb & Blackcurrant Gin Liqueur [20%] - Juicy blackcurrant and fiery ginger balanced by a rhubarb sweetness.
  • No 11 - Forest Fruits Gin Liqueur [20%] - Bursts of juicy, forest fruits with a jam-like sweetness to finish. 
  • No 12 - Citrus Medley Gin Liqueur [20%] - Zesty, citrus character with a touch of sweetness from the orange & grapefruit. 
  • 2 x Branded Tulip Glasses
  • 1 x Booklet explaining the story and inspiration behind each gin as well as its suggested serve.

We hope, like last year, that you enjoy our endeavours.